The hosting servers are equipped with Dual Quad Core processors and 48 GB of RAM. For software, so-called LAMP-Systems (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) are used. All servers are constantly monitored proactively to respond to outages as quickly as possible. For serious emergencies an unused substitute system is available to assure an immediate recovery.

Data Center
Webkeeper does not operate its own data center, but is rented at the modern IXEurope data center in Zurich. Their data center is equipped with UPS systems, diesel generators, HVAC climate control equipment, fire detection and extinguishing systems as well as access control systems.

For the reliability of the network, care is taken at the most critical components for complete redundancy. In case of failure of a router, the data to be processed is taken over within a very short time from a second router completely, and the same applies to the individual lines to the carriers Swisscom, Cablecom and SWITCH. In addition to the mentioned lines, there are over 30 ISPs operating in Switzerland for so-called private peering available to give you optimum access times.

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